I'm Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis / Université Côte d'Azur (UCA). From septembre 2017, I belong to the Computer Science department of the Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis Engineering School. From december 2017 to decembre 2018, I was deputy director of the engineering shool in charge of the corporate relations. I'm now responsible for apprenticeship at the CS Master 2 level (software engineering Major), and for apprenticeship at the CS engineering level (3 years to Graduat level). I'm also teaching different courses mainly related to Software Engineering.
As a researcher, I'm a member of the I3S laboratory (UMR CNRS-UNS 7271), involved in the Sparks team.
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  • Paper "Identifying and Visualizing Variability in Object-Oriented Variability-Rich Systems" accepted as full paper at the main research track of SPLC'19 conference (ranked QUALIS A2). It also got an ACM Artifacts Evaluated – Reusable badge and the symfinder tool, used in this paper, will be presented in the demonstration and tool track!
  • Paper "Multifaceted Automated Analyses for Variability-Intensive Embedded Systems" accepted as full paper at the main research track of ICSE'19 conference (ranked CORE A*, QUALIS A1 !) 
  • french: La CTI a donné son aval pour l'ouverture de l'apprentissage sur 3 ans dans la spécialité Informatique de Polytech Nice Sophia. Ouverture en septembre 2019 ! La campagne de recrutement va commencer début 2019...
  • Article "Concern-Oriented Language Development (COLD): Fostering Reuse in Language Engineering" accepted in the International Journal Computer Languages, Systems and Structures.
  • french: 15 mai, 11h, Campus Sophia Tech, amphi Forum, présentation aux entreprises de l'apprentissage en Master Informatique et dernière année Ingénieur Polytech. Responsables RH ou techniques, inscrivez-vous sur https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-reunion-de-presentation-apprentissage-polytech-45284531252 Le support de présentation est maintenant disponible
  • french: 3 mai, 18h, Campus Sophia Tech, rencontre after-work entre les M2 5A ingénieur informatique et les M1 / 4A : apprentissage, stage, entreprise, venez échanger !
  • Best Paper Award "Software Design and Development" at SAC'2018 (4 awards for 40 tracks) for the paper "Assessing the Functional Feasibility of Variability-Intensive Data Flow-Oriented Systems"!
  • Paper "Teaching DevOps at the Graduate Level, a report from Polytech Nice Sophia" accepted at DEVOPS'18 workshop !
  • December 2017: Proud to become Deputy Director in charge of corporate relations of Polytech Nice Sophia !
  • Dec 1st, 2017: PhD defense of Xhevahire Ternava: Handling Variability at the Code Level: Modeling, Tracing and Checking Consistency
  • (PhD in nov. 2017, co-supervised with Ass. Prof. Sébastien Mosser): 
  • Paper "Assessing the Functional Feasibility of Variability-Intensive Data Flow-Oriented Systems" accepted at SAC-2018 track VSPL !
  • Paper "Supporting Micro-services Deployment in a Safer Way: a Static Analysis and Automated Rewriting Approach" accepted at SAC-2018 track SOAP !

Research Interests

  • Software Product Lines and variability engineering (large scale management of variability-aware software, composition of feature models, relationships to software architectures, reverse engineering of variability models, domain-driven multiple software product lines)
  • Model-Driven Engineering (separation of concerns, composition, lightweight DSL engineering, variability in requirement engineering and goal modeling)
  • Application of variability engineering to other disciplines (information systems, web infrastructures, graphical user interfaces and dashboards, cyber-physical systems and sensing infrastructures, software security, sustainability)
  • Self-adaptive systems (software architecture of the feedback control loops, large-scale management)

Recent Committees

  • From November 2016, member of the editorial board of the SoSyM journal, Springer (International Journal on Software and Systems Modeling)
  • 2020: SPLC'2020 (PC co-chair), VAMOS'2020 workshop (PC)
  • 2019: VAMOS'2019 workshop (PC), SPLC'2019 (PC), SPLC'2019 tutorials (co-chair), SPLC'2019 tools and demo (PC)
  • 2018: SPLC'2018 (PC), SPLC'2018 (Data, demonstration and tool co-chair), TTC'18 contest (PC)
  • 2017: SPLC'2017 (PC), MODELS'2017 (demonstration and tool co-chair), VAMOS'2017 workshop (PC), SEAA'17/SPLSeco Track (PC), TTC'17 contest (PC), CIEL'2017 (steering chair)
  • 2016: SPLC'2016 (PC), MODELS'2016 (PC), VAMOS'2016 workshop (PC), SEAA'16/SPLSeco Track (PC), SERA'2016 (PC), TTC'16 contest (PC), CIEL'2016 (PC, steering chair)
  • 2015: Modularity'2015 (Demo and Poster chair), SPLC'2015 (PC), SEAA'2015-SPLSeco (PC), CIEL'2015 (steering committee), VAMOS'2015 workshop (PC), FMSPLE worskhop (PC), SPLTea workshop at SPLC (PC), SPLat workshop at SPLC (PC), Sustainability workshop at Modularity (PC), CIEL'2015 (PC, steering chair)
  • 2014: general chair of the VAMOS'2014 workshop in Nice, ECMFA'2014 (PC), SPLC'2014 (PC), SEAA'2014-SPLSeco (PC), SERA'2014 (PC), CIEL'2014 (steering committee), SPLTea workshop at SPLC (PC), SPLat workshop at SPLC (PC), CIEL'2014 (PC, steering)
  • 2013: ECMFA/ECOOP/ECSA'2013 joint Doctoral Symposium (co-chair), VAMOS'2013 (PC co-chair), CIEL'2013 (steering committee), SERA'2013 (PC), AMINO workshop at MODELS (PC), CMA workshop at MODELS (PC), JLDP'2013 (PC), CIEL'2013 (PC, steering)


  • Deputy Director in charge of corporate relations of Polytech Nice Sophia, starting december 2017
  • Coordinator of the apprenticeship part of Master IFI (1st and 2nd master years in Computer Science, more than 50 students per year), starting september 2014: Master IFI par apprentissage

Teaching Expertise

  • Software Engineering (basic concepts, object-orientation in SE, unit testing, mocks, test-driven development, design patterns, dynamic class loading, with the Java language)
  • Software Product Lines and Variability Management
  • Software Project Management (requirements, planning, agile principles and practices, software configuration & construction, V&V, testing, test-driven development, profiling, support tools for versioning, bug tracking)

Positions and Education

  • Sept 2017: Full Professor, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis / Université Côte d'Azur (teaching at the Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school)
  • Sept 2013: appointed as Full Professor at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (teaching at the Faculty of Sciences)
  • Dec 2011: obtained HDR ("Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches") from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Sept. 2010 - Aug. 2011: Full-time researcher (delegation) at CNRS (I3S lab)
  • Sept 1999: apppointed as Assistant Professor at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • 1999: Postdoc - University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK)
  • 1998: Research and Teaching Assistant at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • 1997-1998: Qualification Engineer at French Navy Technical Center in Toulon
  • Dec. 1997: obtained PhD in Computer Science from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis

Contact Details

e-mail : Philippe[DOT]Collet[AT]unice[DOT]fr

I3S Research Lab & Teaching dept at Polytech Nice Sophia
Phone: +33 (0)4 89 15 41 59
Room: 445 (Templiers 1 building)

Laboratoire I3S - UNS - UCA / CNRS UMR 7271
Campus SophiaTech / Les Templiers
930 Route des Colles, BP 145
F-06903 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France