Tenth International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata

June 27–29, 2005, Sophia Antipolis, France

Conference Program

Monday 27th

8h30–9h15 Registration
9h15–9h30 Opening
Oscar H. Ibarra and Hsu-Chun Yen
On Deterministic Catalytic Systems.
Tomasz Jurdzinski and Friedrich Otto
Restricting the Use of Auxiliary Symbols for Restarting Automata.
10h30–11h Coffee break
Christoph Schulte Althoff, Wolfgang Thomas and Nico Wallmeier
Observations on Determinization of Büchi Automata.
Joachim Klein and Christel Baier
Experiments with Deterministic ω-Automata for Formulas of Linear Temporal Logic
Radek Pelanek and Jan Strejcek
Deeper Connections between LTL and Alternating Automata.
12h30–14h Lunch
Akio Fujiyoshi and Ikuo Kawaharada
Deterministic Recognition of Trees Accepted by a Linear Pushdown Tree Automaton.
Markus Lohrey and Sebastian Maneth
Tree Automata and XPath on Compressed Trees.
Tadahiro Suda and Haruo Hosoya
Non-backtracking Top-down Algorithm for Checking Tree Automata Containment.
15h30h–16h Coffee break
Subramanian Hariharan and Priti Shankar
Compressing XML Documents with Finite State Automata.
Thomas Claveirole, Sylvain Lombardy, Louis-Noël Pouchet and Jacques Sakarovitch
Inside Vaucanson.
17h15 XML session and posters

Tuesday 28th

8h30–9h30 Invited speaker:
Rusins Freivalds
Languages Recognizable by Quantum Finite Automata
Antonio Cano and Pedro García
Finite Automata and Unions of Regular Patterns With Bounded Constant Segments.
Louis Latour
Computing Affine Hulls Over Q and Z From Sets Represented by Number Decision Diagrams.
10h30–11h Coffee break
Johanna Högberg
Wind in the Willows—Generating Music by Means of Tree Transducers.
Arnaud Bailly, Mireille Clerbout and Isabelle Simplot-Ryl
Component Composition Preserving Behavioural Contracts Based on Communication Traces.
Manuel Vilares, Juan Otero and Jesús Vilares
Robust Spelling Correction.
12h30–14h Lunch
Wojciech Rytter
The Structure of Subword Graphs and Suffix Trees of Fibonacci Words.
Tamara L. Shcherbak
The Interval Rank of Monotonic Automata.
Cedric Bastien, Jurek Czyzowicz, Wojciech Fraczak and Wojciech Rytter
Prime Normal Form and Equivalence of Simple Grammars.
15h30h–16h Coffee break
Jan Zdarek and Borivoj Melichar
On Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching By Finite Automata.
Marcella Anselmo and Maria Madonia
Simulating Two-Dimensional Recognizability by Pushdown and Queue Automata.
17h–23h Excursion and conference dinner

Wednesday 29th

8h30–9h30 Invited speaker:
Jacques Sakarovitch
The Language, the Expression and the (Small) Automaton.
Cezar Câmpeanu, Andrei Paun and Jason R. Smith
An Incremental Algorithm for Minimal Deterministic Finite Cover Automata.
Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Johann Deneux, Lisa Kaati and Marcus Nilsson
Minimization of Nondeterministic Automata with Large Alphabets.
10h30h–11h Coffee break
Hellis Tamm, Matti Nykänen and Esko Ukkonen
Size Reduction of Multitape Automata.
Yo-Sub Han and Derick Wood
Shorter Regular Expressions from Finite-State Automata.
12h–13h Lunch
Miklos Bartha
Strong Retiming Equivalence of Synchronous Schemes.
André Kempe, Jean-Marc Champarnaud, Jason Eisner, Franck Guingne and Florent Nicart
A Class of Rational n-WFSM Auto-Intersections.
14h–15h30 Best paper award, general meeting, presentation of CIAA 2006, and closing


Jacques Farré / Igor Litovsky
ESSI, 930 route des colles, BP 145
06903 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France

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