Steps on the Road to Component Evolvability

M. Bravetti, C. Di Giusto, J.A. Pèrez and Gianluigi Zavattaro
Appeared as Technical Report of FACS 2010-Doctoral Track: Technical Report DI-CCTC-10-14, DI-CCTC Universidade do Minho, 2010
We have recently developed a calculus for dynamically evolvable ag- gregations of components. The calculus extends CCS with primitives for describ- ing components and their evolvability capabilities. Central to these novel prim- itives is a restricted form of higher-order communication of processes involved in update operations. The origins of our calculus for components can indeed be traced back to our own previous work on the expressiveness and decidability results for core higher-order process calculi. Here we overview these previous works, and discuss the motivations and design decisions that led us from higher- order process calculi to calculi for component evolvability.