Event-based run-time adaptation in communication-centric systems.

Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Pérez
Formal Asp. Comput. 28(4): 531-566 (2016)
Communication-centric systems are software systems built as assemblies of distributed artifacts that interact following predefined communication protocols. Session-based concurrency is a type-based approach to ensure the conformance of communication-centric systems to such protocols. This paper presents a model of session-based concurrency with mechanisms for run-time adaptation. Our model allows us to specify communication-centric systems whose session behavior can be dynamically updated at run-time. We improve on previous work by proposing an event-based approach: adaptation requests, issued by the system itself or by its context, are assimilated to events which may trigger adaptation routines. These routines exploit type-directed checks to enable the reconfiguration of processes with active protocols. We equip our model with a type system that ensures communication safety and consistency properties: while safety guarantees absence of run-time communication errors, consistency ensures that update actions do not disrupt already established session protocols. We provide soundness results for binary and multiparty protocols.