Team MDSC (Discrete Models for Complex Systems)


Leaders : Enrico Formenti - Cinzia Di Giusto

The MDSC (Discrete Models for Complex Systems) team aims at studying formal models for complex systems and their applications to various fields (mainly Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science). It contains also a strong activity in constraint solving and program verification which has its own visibility and interacts with the other themes at various levels.

The team is organized into three themes:

MDSC is mainly devoted to fundamental research which impacts the main current societal changes in the domain of:

  • Combinatorial optimization;
  • Complexity in dynamical models;
  • Computational complexity;
  • Discrete dynamical systems;
  • Modeling for Complex Systems;
  • Neurocognition;
  • Problem solving;
  • Program verification;
  • Systems biology.

Among our recent brilliant achievements one could list:

  • a new relation between fixed points of a finite dynamical system, error correcting codes and the network coding problem;
  • a new method based on Hoare’s logic for parameter identification in genetic networks which proved its worth;
  • a new method for solving constraints problems in parallel (embarrassingly parallel search) which in some cases outperforms classical methods;
  • an original subtile connection between abstract interpretation and constraint programming which originated excellent publications and opened the path to a new large project at national and international level.