The MASPEGHI Workshop at ECOOP 2004

MechAnisms for SPEcialization, Generalization and inHerItance

June 15, 2004

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Organization Details


The maximum number of participants will be about 20, each of whom will be an author of an accepted position paper, or a member of the committee. The papers which address the topics that match the interests of the larger audience or which ask questions that seem likely to generate the most discussion will be presented first. Speakers will be allowed about ten minutes to summarize their ideas. Participants will be organized as if they were around a large table in order to promote communication and full involvement of all of the participants. The role of the presenter is that of somebody who takes part in a discussion and who currently has the attention of her colleagues. The speaker may be interrupted during her presentation.

The presentation of papers is intended to initiate discussion. Another presentation will not start until we feel that the discussion is over, either because we feel that the subject has been exhausted, or because nobody yet has a solution to the issues raised. For each major subject a participant or a member of the organizing committee will record the main ideas and the name of people which are the most involved.

In order to achieve the objectives of the workshop, every participant is requested to read all accepted papers. For each paper two opponents will be designated by the organizing committee at least three weeks before the workshop. Their task is to read the paper and be prepared to initiate the discussion by means of relevant questions.

Based on the set of accepted papers, the organization committee will select a number of topics addressed by the papers that should be used as guidelines on the day of the workshop. It will be put on the web-site and sent to the participants.

Note: Details about the schedule and practical organization details (opponents, etc.) are given here.




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