The MASPEGHI Workshop at ECOOP 2004

MechAnisms for SPEcialization, Generalization and inHerItance

June 15, 2004

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The papers accepted at the workshop are announced and made available on this page (June 2nd ). They are ordered alphabetically according to the last name of the first author. The archive which contains all the papers is here. The proceedings of the workshop are here (pdf version).

Note that the final versions of papers will also be made available in the printed proceedings, cf. the page about publication and especially the information about the style to be used.

Presentation (PDF)
Object Identity Typing: Bringing Distinction between Object Behavioural
Extension and Specialization
Chitra Babu and D Janakiram
A Reverse Inheritance Relationship Dedicated to Reengineering: The Point of View of Feature Factorization Ciprian-Bogdan Chirila, Pierre Crescenzo, and Philippe Lahire
Mathematical Use Cases lead naturally to non-standard Inheritance Relationships - How to make them accessible in a main stream language Marc Conrad, Tim French, Carsten Maple, and Sandra Pott
Proposals for Multiple to Single Inheritance Transformation Michel Dao, Marianne Huchard, Thérése Libourel, Anne Pons, and Jean Villerd
The Expression Problem, Scandinavian Style Erik Ernst
The Logic of Inheritance DeLesley Hutchins
An anomaly of subtype relations at component refinement and a generative solution in C++ Zoltan Porkolab and Istvan Zolyomi
Java with Traits - Improving Opportunities for Reuse Philip J. Quitslund and Andrew P. Black
Concept Merging conceptual hierarchies using concept lattices Mohamed H. Rouane and Petko Valtchev and Houari Sahraoui and Marianne Huchard
Behaviour consistent Inheritance with UML Statecharts Markus Stumptner and Michael Schrefl
Domain Modeling in Self Yields Warped Hierarchies Ellen Van Paesschen and Wolfgang De Meuter and Theo D’Hondt
Inheritance Decoupled: It's More Than Just Specialization L. Robert Varney and D. Stott Parker



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