The MASPEGHI Workshop at ECOOP 2004

MechAnisms for SPEcialization, Generalization and inHerItance

June 15, 2004

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Final versions of accepted position papers will be made available in the Papers section of the workshop web-site and published as a research report by the I3S laboratory. However, distribution of a paper can be restricted to the workshop participants if the authors so wish.

The final version of your paper must look like this (A4 Format). You may use the style provided hereafter for the final version of your paper. More explanation about the style may be found here and following items are shortcuts to access to specific information:

If the web-site mentioned above is down you may download these archives (LaTex and MsWord) which contain most of the files (we advice to use the web-site itself if it is up).

We insist on the fact that the aim of the workshop is to initiate collaboration on publication; position papers are only a starting point. The discussions conducted during the workshop are intended to favour the grouping of two to four authors around some common interests. The idea is to encourage the writing of four or five papers (one per group). Depending on the result of this initiative, members of both organizing and program committees will do their best to find a suitable outlet for publishing these papers. Otherwise, each group of authors will be invited to submit their paper independently.

A mailing-list will be maintained to ensure continuous discussion and visibility even after the end of the workshop.



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