The main objectives of this research group - belonging to the Team SIS of the I3S laboratory - are to develop coding solutions for modern multimedia objects: images (2D or 3D), UHD/4K video, massive surface or volume meshes, point clouds, animations, etc. The theoretical tools developed in this research activity include wavelets, geometry coding, sampling optimization, parametric statistical classification and bio-inspired image processing based on neuroscience mathematics (dynamic filtering, spiking neuron models. . . ). The members of this axis have several national and international collaborations (Portugal, Italy, Tunisia, Brazil) and participate actively to the National GDR ISIS. In addition, the project is involved in several industrial contracts with partners such as Orange Labs, CNES, Alcatel Alénia Space, IFP Energies Nouvelles, 4G-SGME, ETSI.... A selection of the current research topics addressed is described next :

Four permanent researchers, one associate member, and three Phd students are currently working in this research group.