Staff members


Andrew Comport

Group leader, Chargé de Recherches CNRS


Christian Barat

Lecturer UNC

PhD Students


Fernando Ireta

Doctoral Candidate


Arnaud Tanguy

Doctoral Candidate


Howard Mahé

Doctoral Candidate

Past members

Postdoctoral Students

  • Youssef Alf - Postdoc (2015-2016) "3D Mosaicing"
  • Maxime Meilland - Now co-founder at PIXMAP. Postdoc (2012-2014) "Dense localisation and mapping of un-even terrain. 

Phd Students


Masters Students

  • Andru Putra Twinanda - Now PhD Candidate, University of Strasbourg. Masters project (2012) on "Autonomous localisation and mapping using a Turtlebot".
  • Fernando Ireta - Now PhD Cadidate at I3S. Masters project (2012) on "Autonomous visual navigation of a Crawler".
  • Kevin Derler et Benjamin Suchel - Masters project (2012) on "Non-rigid dense localisation and mapping of an Avatar".
  • Sébastien Lasserre - Masters project (2012) on "Obstable avoidance using an RGB-D sensor".
  • Elziere Emeric and Zakaria Yahi - GEII project  (2009-2012) on wearable spherical RGB-D mapping.
  • Cedric Audras - Now working at DNP Japan. Masters (2011) on "Kinect direct iterative closest point".
  • Mathieu Seiler - Now working at Armadeus. Masters (2010) co-supervised with Patrick Rives on "Spherical RGB-D imaging", Ecole de Mines, Paritech.
  • Simon Ducroty, Muhannad Ismael - Masters (2010) on "Fast GPU tracking", Polytech Nice Sophia-Antipolis.
  • Hatem Ladjailia - Masters (2008) on "A Kinematic Set model for parallel robots", University of Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand .