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New Publications

Robust classification with feature selection using alternating minimization
and Douglas-Rachford splitting method

Yuxiang Zhou, Jean-Baptiste Caillau, Marc Antonini and Michel Barlaud
arXiv 2018 Submit/ 23685515
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Clustering with feature selection using alternating minimization
Application to computational biology

Cyprien Gilet, Marie Deprez, Jean-Baptiste Caillau and Michel Barlaud, Fellow, IEEE
arXiv:submit/2063940 [cs.AI] 8 Nov 2017
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Classification and regression using an outer approximation
projection-gradient method

Michel Barlaud, Wafa Belhajali, Patrick L. Combettes, Lionel Fillatre
Accepted for publication in
IEEE Trans on Signal Processing 2017
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IEEE Trans on Geoscience and remote sensing 2016
Non-convex regularization in remote sensing
Devis Tuia, Remi Flamary, Michel Barlaud
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PAMI 2015
Gentle Nearest Neighbors Boosting over Proper Scoring Rules
Richard Nock, Wafa Belhajali, Roberto D'Ambrosio, Frank Nielsen, Michel Barlaud
IEEE Trans on PAMI 2015
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ICPR 2014
Boosting Stochastic Newton with Entropy Constraint for Large-Scale Image Classification
Wafa Belhajali, Richard Nock, Michel Barlaud
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IJCV 2013
Boosting k-NN for categorization of natural scenes
R. Nock, P. Piro, Wafa Belhajali F. Nielsen, Michel Barlaud
International Journal of Computer Vision, 100 pp.294-314, 04/07/2012,
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ECML 2012 Bristol UK
Boosting Nearest Neighbors for the Efficient Estimation of Posteriors
Roberto D'Ambrosio, Richard Nock, Wafa Bel Haj Ali, Frank Nielsen, Michel Barlaud
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