Selected Publications


[1] F. Baude, editor.
Calcul réparti à grande échelle - Meta-computing (Ouvrage collectif).
Hermès Science - Lavoisier, May 2002.
190 pages. ISBN 2-7462-0472-X.

[2] F. Baude, editor.
Parallèlisme: Algorithmique, systèmes, applications, volume 24(5) of Techniques et Sciences Informatiques.
Hermès Lavoisier, 2005.
Versions longues de communications sélectionnées lors de RenPar'15.


[1] F. Baude and D. Skillicorn.
Vers de la programmation parallèle structurée fondée sur la théorie des catégories.
Technique et science informatiques, 13:494-525, 1994.

[2] F. Baude, D. Caromel, N. Furmento, and D. Sagnol.
Optimizing remote method invocation with communication-computation overlap.
Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier, 18:769-778, 2002.
Selected article from PaCT 2001.

[3] F. Baude, D. Caromel, F. Huet, and J. Vayssière.
Objets actifs mobiles et communicants.
Technique et science informatiques, 21(6):1-36, 2002.

[4] F. Baude, D. Caromel, and D. Sagnol.
Distributed objects for parallel numerical applications.
Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis Modelisation, special issue on Programming tools for Numerical Analysis, EDP Sciences, SMAI, 36(5):837-861, 2002.

[5] F. Baude, D. Caromel, C. Delbé, and L. Henrio.
Un protocole de tolérance aux pannes pour objets actifs non préemptifs.
Technique et science informatiques, 24(10), 823-847, 2005.

[6] L. Baduel, F. Baude, D. Caromel.
Asynchronous Typed Object Groups for Grid Programming.
International Journal of Parallel Programming, Springer. 35(6), 573-614, Dec. 2007.

[7] F. Baude, D. Caromel, M. Leyton
File Transfer in Grid applications at Deployment, Execution and Retrieval.
Invited paper from the 2006 GADA conference, in a Special Issue of the International Journal on Multiagent and Grid Systems (IOS Press)
3(4), 381-391, 2007.

[8] F. Baude, D. Caromel, C. Dalmasso, M. Danelutto, V. Getov, L. Henrio, and C. Pérez
GCM: A grid extension for Fractal autonomous distributed components.
Annals of Telecommunications
64(1), 5-24, 2009 genre=article&id=doi:10.1007/s12243-008-0068-8&sa campaign=Email/ACE/Paginated

[9] Viet Dung Doan, Abhijeet Gaikwad, Mireille Bossy, Francoise Baude, Ian Stokes-Rees,
Parallel Pricing Algorithms for Multi--Dimensional Bermudan--American Options using Monte Carlo methods.
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Elsevier 2010

[10] F. Baude, V. Legrand, L. Henrio, P. Naoumenko, H. Pfeffer, L. Bassbouss, D. Linner,
Mixing workflows and components to support evolving services.
Int. Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems
1(4), 2010

[11] I. Filali, F. Bongiovanni, F. Huet, F. Baude,
A Survey of Structured P2P Systems for RDF Data Storage and Retrieval.
Special issue on Data and Knowledge Management in Grid and P2P Systems, Int. Journal Transactions on Large-Scale Data and Knowledge-Centered Systems III, pp 20--55, Springer Verlag

[12] E. Mathias, F. Baude,
A Component-Based Middleware for Hybrid Grid/Cloud Computing Platforms.
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Wiley and Sons, vol. 24(13), pp. 1461-1477, 2012

[13] C. Ruz, F. Baude, B. Sauvan
Using Components to Provide a Flexible Adaptation Loop to Component-based SOA Applications.
International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems,vol. 5, no 1 & 2, p. 32-50, 2012

[14] Q. Zagarese, G. Canfora, E. Ziméo, I. Alshabani, L. Pellegrino, A. Alshabani, F. Baude
Improving data-intensive EDA performance with annotation-driven laziness
Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier, 2015
Available online

[15] F. Baude, L. Henrio, C. Ruz
Programming Distributed and Adaptable Autonomous Components - the GCM/ProActive Framework
Software: Practice and Experience, Wiley, 2015

[16] M. Antoine, L. Pellegrino, F. Huet, F. Baude
A generic API for load balancing in distributed systems for big data management
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2016

Chapitres d'ouvrages

[1] L. Baduel, F. Baude, D. Caromel, A. Contes, F. Huet, M. Morel, and R. Quilici.
Grid Computing: Software Environments and Tools, chapter Programming, Composing, Deploying for the Grid (chapter 9).
Springer, 2006.
ISBN: 978-1-85233-998-2.

[2] F. Baude, D. Caromel, F. Huet, T. Kielmann, A. Merzky, and H.Bal.
Future Generation Grids, chapter Grid Application Programming Environments.
CoreGRID series. Springer, jan 2006.
ISBN: 0-387-27935-0.

[3] J. Dünnweber, F. Baude, V. Legrand, N. Parlavantzas, S. Gorlatch
Integrated Research in GRID computing
chapter Towards Automatic Creation of Web Services for Grid Component Composition (chapter 2)
CoreGRID series, Springer, 2006.
ISBN: 978-0-387-47656-8.

[4] M. Malawski, T. Gubala, M. Karztelnik, T. Bartynski, M. Bubak, F. Baude, L. Henrio.
Making Grids Work.
Chapter High-level scripting approach for building component-based applications on the grid, pages 307-320.
Springer, 2008.
ISBN-13: 978-0-387-78447-2.

[5] B. Amedro, F. Baude, D. Caromel, C. Delbe, I. Filali, F. Huet, E. Mathias, and O. Smirnov.
Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications,series Computer Communications and Networks.
Chapter An efficient framework for running applications on clusters, grids and clouds,
pages 163--178, Springer, 2010.
ISBN: 978-0-387-47656-8.

Conférences internationales majeures avec sélection

[1] F. Baude and G. Vidal-Naquet.
Actors as a parallel programming model.
In 8th Symposium of Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, STACS, pages 184-195. Springer-Verlag, 1991.
LNCS 480.

[2] N. Furmento and F. Baude.
Schooner: An object-oriented run-time support for distributed applications.
In Proceedings of Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS'96), volume 1, pages 31-36. International Society for Computers and their Applications (ISCA), Septembre 1996.

[3] F. Baude, D. Caromel, F. Huet, L. Mestre, and J. Vayssière.
Interactive and descriptor-based deployment of object-oriented grid applications.
In 11th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing HPDC-11, pages 93-102. IEEE Computer Society, 2002.

[4] F. Baude, D. Caromel, and M. Morel.
From distributed objects to hierarchical grid components.
In International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications (DOA), LNCS, pages 1226-1242. Springer Verlag, 2003.

[5] L. Baduel, F. Baude, D. Caromel, C. Delbe, N. Gama, S. El Kasmi, and S. Lanteri.
A parallel object-oriented application for 3d electromagnetism.
In IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, IPDPS, april 2004.

[6] L. Baduel, F. Baude, and D. Caromel.
Object-oriented SPMD.
In CCGrid 2005: IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, April 2005.

[7] F. Baude, D. Caromel, C. Delbé, and L. Henrio.
A Hybrid Message Logging-CIC Protocol for Constrained Checkpointability.
In Proc. of the 11th International Euro-Par Conference, volume 3648 of LNCS, pages 644-653. Springer-Verlag, 2005.

[8] F. Baude, D. Caromel, M. Leyton, and R. Quilici.
Grid file transfer during deployment, execution, and retrieval.
In International Symposium on Grid computing, high-performAnce and Distributed Applications (GADA'06), part of OnTheMove Federated Conferences (OTM'06), number 4276 in LNCS, pages 1191-1202. Springer Verlag, November 2006.

[9] S. Bezinne, V. Galtier, S. Vialle, F. Baude, M. Bossy, V. Dung, and L. Henrio.
A fault tolerant and multi-paradigm grid architecture for time constrained problems. Application to financial option pricing.
In 2nd IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, December 2006.

[10] F. Baude, D. Caromel, C. Delbé, and L. Henrio.
Promised messages: Recovering from inconsistent global states.
In ACM SIGOPS conference Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP). Short Paper., March 2007.

[11] F. Baude, D. Caromel, L. Henrio, and M. Morel.
Collective interfaces for distributed components.
In CCGrid 2007: IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, pages 599-610, May

[12] F. Baude, V. Legrand-Contes, and V. Lestideau.
Large-scale service deployment - application to OSGi.
In IARIA 3rd International conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Services (ICAS 2007), pages 19-26, june. IEEE Computer Society

[13] E. Mathias, F. Baude, V. Cavé, N .Maillard.
A Component-Oriented Support for Hierarchical MPI Programming on Multi-Cluster Grid Environments.
In SBAC-PAD 2007: 19th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing, pages 135-142, IEEE Computer Society, october.

[14] F. Baude, L. Henrio, and P. Naoumenko
Structural reconfiguration: an autonomic strategy for GCM components
In 5th International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems(ICAS 2009)
pp 123--128, IEEE Xplore

[15] E. Mathias, V. Cavé, S. Lanteri, F. Baude
Grid-enabling SPMD Applications through Hierarchical Partitioning and a Component-Based Runtime
In 15th International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2009) LNCS 5705, pp 691-703, Springer

[16] F. Baude, I. Filali, F. Huet, V. Legrand, E. Mathias, P. Merle, C. Ruz, R. Krummenacher, E. Simperl, C. Hammerling and J.P. Lorré
ESB Federation for Large-Scale SOA
In 25th ACM Int. Symposium on Applied Computing , (Acceptation Rate: 30 %) pp 2459-2466, March 2010

[17] B. Amedro, F. Baude, F. Huet, E. Mathias
Middleware level solutions for SPMD applications in grids and clouds
In 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (Acceptation Rate: 24 %)
December 2010.

[18] C. Ruz, F. Baude, B. Sauvan
Flexible adaptation loop for component-based SOA applications
In 7th International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems(ICAS 2011)
(Acceptation Rate: 30 %). Note: Best paper award.
May 2011.

[19] I. Filali, L. Pellegrino, F. Bongiovanni, F. Huet, F. Baude
Modular P2P-Based Approach for RDF Data Storage and Retrieval
In 3rd International Conference on Advances in P2P Systems (AP2PS 2011)
(Acceptation Rate: 23 %). Note: Best paper award.
Nov 2011.

[20] Quirino Zagarese, Gerardo Canfora, Eugenio Zimeo, F. Baude
Enabling Advanced Loading Strategies for Data Intensive Web Services
In 19th IEEE International Conference on Web Services ICWS, pp. 480-487
June 2012.

[21] N. Stojanovic, R. Stühmer, F. Baude, P. Gibert.
Tutorial: Where Event Processing Grand Challenge meets Real-time Web: PLAY Event Marketplace
DEBS'12, the 6th ACM International conference on Distributed Event-based system, ACM, 2012, p. 341-352
July 2012.

[22] Q. Zagarese, G. Canfora, E. Zimeo, I. Alshabani, L. Pellegrino, F. Baude
Efficient Data-Intensive Event-Driven Interaction in SOA
28th ACM Symposium On Applied Computing,
March 2013

[23] L. Pellegrino, F. Huet, F. Baude, A. Alshabani
A distributed publish/subscribe system for RDF data
Globe '13: 6th International Conference on Data Management in Cloud, Grid and P2P Systems, LNCS
August 2013

[24] M. Benguigui, F. Baude
American Basket Option Pricing on a multi GPU Cluster
22nd High Performance Computing Symposium, 2014 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim 2014)
April 2014

Workshops internationaux avec sélection et actes

[1] E. Reuter and F. Baude.
System and Network Management Itineraries for Mobile Agents.
In 4th International Workshop on Mobile Agents for Telecommunications Applications, MATA, number 2521 in LNCS, pages 227-238. Springer-Verlag, 2002.

[2] E. Reuter and F. Baude.
A mobile-agent and SNMP based management platform built with the Java ProActive library.
In IEEE Workshop on IP Operations and Management (IPOM 2002), pages 140-145, Dallas, 2002.
ISBN 0-7803-7658-7.

[3] L. Baduel, F. Baude, N. Ranaldo, and E. Zimeo.
Effective and efficient communication in grid computing with an extension of proactive groups.
International Workshop on Java for Parallel and Distributed Computing at IPDPS, 2005.

[4] N. Parlavantzas, M. Morel, V. Getov, F. Baude, and D. Caromel.
Performance and scalability of a component-based grid application.
In 9th Int. Worshop on Java and Components for Parallelism, Distribution and Concurrency, in conjunction with the IEEE IPDPS conference, April 2007.

[5] F. Baude, D. Caromel, A. di Costanzo, C. Delbé, and M. Leyton.
Towards deployment contracts in large scale clusters & desktop grids.
Invited paper at the Int. Worshop on Large-Scale, volatile Desktop Grids, in conjunction with the IEEE IPDPS conference, April 2007.

[6] N. Parlavantzas and V. Getov and M. Morel and F. Baude and D. Caromel,
Design Support for Componentising and Grid-enabling Scientific Applications
Workshop HPC Grid programming Environments and COmponents and Component and Framework Technology in High-Performance and Scientific Computing (HPC-GECO+COMPFRAME)
In conjunction with ACM SIGPLAN ooPSLA 2007, pages 31-38, october.
ACM Digital Library

[7] E. Mathias, F. Baude, and V. Cavé.
A GCM-Based Runtime Support for Parallel Grid Applications.
In Proceedings of the Workshop on Component-Based High Performance Computing (CBHPC'08) in conjunction with ACM SIGPLAN CompArch 2008, October 2008.

[8] V.D. Doan, A. Gaikwad, M. Bossy, and F. Baude.
``Gridifying'' classification-monte carlo algorithm for pricing high-dimensional american options.
In Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance, IEEE/ACM Supercomputing 2008, November 2008, IEEE Xplore

[9] C. Ruz and F. Baude.
Enabling SLA monitoring for component-based SOA applications
In XXVIII International Conference of the Chilean Computer Society (SCCC'09)., November 2009
8 pages

[10] E. Mathias and F. Baude.
Multi-domain Grid/Cloud Computing Through a Hierarchical Component-Based Middleware
In 8th International Workshop on Middleware for Grids, Clouds and e-Science (MGC'2010), in conjunction with 11th Int. Middleware Conference
November 2010

[11] C. Ruz and F. Baude and B. Sauvan
Component-based generic approach for reconfigurable management of component-based SOA applications.
In MONA 2010 - 3rd Workshop on Service Monitoring, Adaptation, and Beyond (MONA+), in conjunction with ECOWS 2010 - The 8th IEEE European Conference on Web Services, ACM Digital library
December 2010

[12] F. Baude and V. Legrand
A Component-based Orchestration management framework for Multidomain SOA.
In 1st IFIP/IEEE Workshop on Managing Federations and Cooperative Management, in conjunction with the 12th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management. IEEE Xplore, acceptance rate 37.5%
May 2011

[13] M. Benguigui, F. Baude
Towards Parallel and Distributed Computing on GPU for American Basket Option Pricing
In GPU Computing in the Clouds (GPU-Cloud 2012) workshop in conjunction with 4th IEEE international conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2012)
Dec 2012

[14] M. J. de Souza, F. Baude
Distributed Snapshot algorithm for multi-active object-based applications
In WTF workshop in conjunction with 32nd Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC 2014)
May 2014

[15] M. Antoine, L. Pellegrino, F. Huet, F. Baude
A Generic API for Load Balancing in Structured P2P Systems
In Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing Workshop (SBAC-PADW) in conjunction with 26th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing
Oct 2014

[16] F. Baude, L. El Beze, M. Oliva
Towards a flexible data stream analytics platform based on the GCM autonomous software component technology
In HPCS 2016, AHPC track
Jul 2016

Présentations invitées

[1] F. Baude
From distributed objects to hierarchical grid components.
3rd annual ObjectWeb conference, INRIA Rocquencourt, 20-21 novembre 2003.

[2] F. Baude
"ProActive: an open source grid programming environment"
Technical Institute (Titech) Tokyo, Satoshi Matsuoka group, December 2004.

[3] F. Baude.
Inria oasis's interests in grid standardization issues.
1st ETSI GRID standardisation meeting, Sophia-Antipolis, Sept. 30th 2005.

[4] F. Baude.
INRIA OASIS's interests in Grids: programming Grids
2nd ETSI GRID standardisation meeting, Sophia-Antipolis, 24 May 2006.

[5] F. Baude,
ProActive: Grid programming in the Services for All (S4ALL) perspective.
2nd 2006 ObjectWeb architecture meeting, INRIA Lille, 12-13 June 2006.

[6] F. Baude.
Autonomous Services: Feedback from some on-going EU research projects.
Autonomic Session of the European IST project consultation meeting BIGG (Bridging Grid and Global Computing), 28-29 Nov. 2006, Grids@Work conference.

[7] F. Baude.
INRIA Rhône Alpes/IMAG: ``The Grid Component Model and its applications'', April 8, 2008

[8] F. Baude, L. Henrio, and P. Naoumenko.
Distributed pong demo: dynamic and autonomic reconfiguration of composite services.
SAC-FIRE workshop organized by EU FET projects on Situated and Autonomic Communications, March 2009.

[9] F. Baude.
CoreGRID/ERCIM workshop on Grids, Clouds and P2P Computing, at EuroPar 2011, 29th August 2011 A perspective on the CoreGRID Grid Component Model . LNCS 7155, Springer

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