Kickstart - Is it some alien's language?

We implemented a book library, showing List, Map and Set interfaces and their implementations, the pros and cons of using each data structure in this particular case. We saw the concept of variable visibilty, iterations, references, encapsulation, interface, method overriding, ...

We saw what an IDE is, and how it can help us developing. We wrote some simple tests to just see how to write them and how they are shaped (Separated class, annotations, ...). We saw why the equals method is important and how tests can help us understanding the differences between what we are doing, what we tried to do and what we have actually done.

A zip file of what we have done during the session is available here with a Java project, containing source code and tests.

Installing IntelliJ - IntelliJ is a Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that helps you (like any IDE) building software(s), developed by Jetbrain. It provides shortcuts, automation, refactoring, auto-completion and so on. It can be downloaded here.

Take the free version (the so called Community Edition), it provides everything we need (and more). Note: You can create an Student Jetbrain account if you want, with your unice email address. This will give you access to ultimates versions of Jetbrain's tools.

Below are the cheatsheet for IntelliJ (the shortcuts that will be useful when coding)...