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The International Centre of Biocybernetics (ICB) of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in Warsaw in June 1988. The ICB is a multi-national association of the Academies of Science and organisations interested in biocybernetics and healthcare through science and technology. The ICB acts in accordance with the Agreement about the establishment of the ICB as signed by its Parties. Membership to the ICB is open, new members are admitted by applying in writing to the Secretary and signing the Agreement. In 1991 the ICB was appointed and in 1996 re-appointed as WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering.
The main objectives of the ICB are the exchange of scientific experience and the improvement of professional qualifications, and the facilitation of research and application in the field of biocybernetics and biomedical engineering. To achieve these aims, the ICB undertakes the following activities:
- Organization of scientific meetings in the form of seminars, summer schools and conferences as well as other meetings aimed at the exchange of information and of experience;
- Facilitation and encouragement of research and development;
- Acquisition and dissemination of relevant information, including publication of scientific material connected with ICB activities.


The first announcement is available here

What variability are we dealing with ?
- Variability of parameters, e.g. amplitude, duration, moments,...
- Variability of shape which implies:
  • distance between shapes (DFM,...),
  • Clustering of shapes, which needs a shape averaging technique: ISA, CISA, Core Shape Modeling
- Time variability through functional data analysis; signal registration.

Application domains
- Heart rate, HR ECG/MCG, HR BSPM, EMG, EEG, MEG and evoked potentials
- Optical methods like laser Doppler, NIR spectroscopy, flowmetry,...


When 4 - 7 November 2012
Where International Centre of Biocybernetics (ICB) Headquaters, in Warsaw (Poland)
How For the invited speakers: accomodation and full board offered by ICB, you only pay for your transportation to Warsaw

Prof. R. Maniewski, Assoc. Prof. A. Liebert, Prof. O. Meste, Prof. H. Rix
for the french side: Aline Cabasson email :
for the polish side: Herriberto Zavala email:

Previous seminar

November 2008, 100th seminar on Variability In Biomedical Signals
Book of Abstracts: here