My research has benefited from the following grants:

2017-2020 Institut National du Cancer, grant INCA_11693
GlioSplice: Characterization of alternative splicing networks coordinating brain tumor heterogeneity and treatment resistance commitment
Project coordinator: Mathieu Gabut

2017-2020 Université Côte d'Azur, PhD grant
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for the identification of master regulators in pancreatic cancer
PhD co-direction: Olivier Soriani and Claude Pasquier

2017-2018 ARC fundation grant
Role of electrical remodeling of pancreatic adenocarcinoma epithelial cells in response to the micro environment
Project coordinator: Olivier Soriani

2011-2013 ANR program FOSTER, grant ANR-10-COSI-012
Spatio-temporal data mining: application to the understanding and monitoring of soil erosion
Project coordinator: Nazha-Selmaoui Folcher

2008-2010 CNRS post-doctoral grant
Transcriptome mass data use and interpretation using the Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing (MPSS) technologies
Project coordinator: Claude Pasquier

2005-2007 CNRS Bio-STIC-LR
Towards an editor for the subdivision of trees into sub-trees collections formals and functionals criteria for the subdivision process, intra-inter collection trees comparaisons
Project coordinator: François Chevenet

2002-2004 Inter-EPST Program on bioinformatics CNRS, INSERM, INRA, INRIA, Ministry of Research
The use of a knowledge base system to analyze microarray data
Project coordinator: Claude Pasquier

1997-1999 EEC-TMR "GENEQUIZ", grant ERBFMRXCT960019
Project coordinator: Chris Sanders