Welcome to Christel DARTIGUES-PALLEZ 's website

  • Status : Asscoiate Professor in Computer Science, UIT of Nice, Computer Science department in Nice (France, French Riviera).
  • Teaching : Programming, VB, C programming, Web programming
  • Master Internship supervising :
  • Classification of short messages using Naive Bayes interactive - Mahaman Sanoussi YAHAYA ALASSANE
  • Classification of short messages using the Random Forest - Ameni BOUAZIZ
  • Projects supervising :
  • Recognition of sign language,
  • KinectSearch (creating an interface in Minority Report coupled with a search engine for images)
  • kinectition (position detection using a Kinect): The ultimate goal is to develop an application for the establishment of personalized diagnosis and for monitoring of the elderly or people with disabilities at home
  • Research themes: Random Decision Forest, Visual Mining, Information Visualization, Knowledge Extraction
  • Autres Compétences : Knowledge representation, cooperative systems; semantic modelling, Ontologies
  • Research team:KEIA (Knowledge Extraction, Integration and Applications) in  Laboratoire I3S
Contact : dartigue@unice.fr
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