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G. Ducard, M-D Hua, “Discussion and Practical Aspects on Control Allocation for a Multi-rotor Helicopter,” in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on UAVs in Geomatics, UAV-g 2011, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2011.

This paper presents practical methods to improve the flight performance of an unmanned multi-rotor helicopter by using an efficient control allocation strategy. The flying vehicle considered is an hexacopter. It is indeed particularly suited for long missions and for carrying a significant payload such as all the sensors needed in the context of cartography, photogrammetry, inspection, surveillance and transportation. Moreover, a stable flight is often required for precise data recording during the mission. Therefore, a high performance flight control system is required to operate the UAV. However, the flight performance of a multi-rotor vehicle is tightly dependent on the control allocation strategy that is used to map the virtual control vector v=[T, L, M, N]^T composed of the thrust and the torques in roll, pitch and yaw, respectively, to the propellers' speed. This paper shows that a control allocation strategy based on the classical approach of pseudo-inverse matrix only exploits a limited range of the vehicle capabilities to generate thrust and moments. Thus, in this paper, a novel approach is presented, which is based on a weighted pseudo-inverse matrix method capable of exploiting a much larger domain in v. The proposed control allocation algorithm is designed with explicit laws for fast operation and low computational load, suitable for a small microcontroller with limited floating-point operation capability.

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September 2016: New lecture notes about Digital Control are now available.

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K. Rudin, L. Mosimann, G. Ducard, R.Y. Siegwart, “Robust Actuator Fault-tolerant Control using DK-Iteration: Theory and Application to UAS,” in Proceedings of the IFAC SAFEPROCESS, pp. 392 – 397, 2 – 4 September 2015. Publications.

April 2015: Check latest journal paper:
G. Ducard, SMAC-FDI: “Single Model Active Fault Detection and Isolation System for Unmanned Aircraft,” in International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Publications.

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November 2013: G. Ducard is teaching a new lecture at MSc level: Robotics. This class is mainly dedicated to avionic sytems used in UAV technologies. See the description of the lecture here.