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Unzip this file into any directory and click on (Unix) or madhoc.bat (Windows).

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Madhoc is a mobile ad hoc network simulator developed at the Universities of Luxembourg (CSC lab) and Le Havre (LITIS lab). Its development started in 2003.

To a great extent, mobile ad hoc networking research resorts to software simulation. Tools like ns, GloMoSim, OPNet constitute an excellent offer, but all of them are targeted to specific purposes. Madhoc takes another direction. Its design philosophy is to provide a wireless network simulator that is flexible enough so as it can be used in a variety of contexts. As a result, Madhoc has already been successfully applied to perform, for example:

  • multi-objective optimization of broadcast protocols;
  • coevolutionary optimization of topology control protocols for hybrid ad hoc networks;
  • IEEE802.11b network emulation;
  • studies on mobile agents;
  • generation of dynamic graphs, etc.

If you plan to use a wireless network simulator in your project, you may be interested in learning a bit about Madhoc's features. Briefly, Madhoc provides:

  • a set of mobility models, and particularly a customizable metropolitan one;
  • models for the propagation of the radio waves;
  • a lightweight statistical-based simulation engine allowing the simulation of large networks;
  • an application-level communication model;
  • 3 differents ways of using it, through its:
    • graphical user interface (see screenshots);
    • console mode (it then behaves like a filter);
    • object-oriented framework.
  • a set of tools for the extraction of results;
  • a polished extendable object-oriented model.
Madhoc is written in Java.

If you wish to have further information on Madhoc, you can go to the documentation section. For any question, request, suggestion, or whatever, feel free to contact its author.