Ultimate Plotter
by Luc Hogie

Oscilloscup is a Java2D data plotting framework inspired by GNUPlot. Its development is motivated by the need of scientific applications to expose at runtime their behaviour. The API of Oscilloscup enable Java applications to either generate image log files (PNG, JPEG, PDF, PostScript, SVG, etc) or to render the plots within a specific Swing component in their graphical user interface.

Unlike other plotting Java frameworks (including the popular JFreeChart project), Oscilloscup boasts the following features.

First Oscilloscup exposes a clean object oriented model for both the axis system and the plots themselves

Second, it embeds an optimised Java2D-based plotting engine allowing fluid rendering (faster than 25img/s) of multiple plots are the same time.

Third it features adaptive auto-bounding of the axis system, in accordance to the range of the data that is plotted.

Last, designed to be as a controllable and customisable as possible. More precisely, every element (axis, graduation, arrows, grids, curves, legends, etc) of the drawing pane can be altered to meet the user's requirements. Alterable attributes incude, depending of the type of the element: visibility, color, width, length, etc.


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