The high performance graph library for Java
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Grph relies on the following software components:
  • HPPC provides the basic "primitive oriented" data structures for the storage of graph incidences;
  • BeanShell is used as the shell interface;
  • JLine provides a modern command-line interaction with BeanShell;
  • Graphstream offers a dynamic graphical (Swing) representation of graphs;
  • Graphviz offers static rendering of graphs into images;
  • Java4unix allows Grph applications to integrate seamlessly into the UNIX environment;
  • AntClique finds cliques using Ant-based heuristics;
  • LAD finds subgraphs using Ant-based heuristics;
  • Nauty does efficient graph isomorphism;
  • Cliquer finds cliques in a graph;
  • OGDF finds SPQR trees in graphs;
  • ParMetis allows Grph to have efficient implementations of State-of-the-Art topology generators;
  • TR efficiently computes the number of triangles in a graph;
  • Drwin bring evolutionary graph generation abilities;
  • Madhoc a MANET simulator;
  • Toools a Java toolbox.