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Obtaining the binaries

The following files are available for download:

this script downloads the last version of lmu and creates/updates the versionless symbolink link lmu.jar to this new version.

Reading the source code

The complete source code of lmu is distributed in the JAR file, along with the corresponding class files. Note that since the source code is embedded in the binaries JAR file of lmu, your IDE will find it automatically!

Using lmu command-line utilities

To use the command-line utilities provided with lmu, you must install them in your computer. To do this, simply drop the following line into your shell:
curl -s http://www.i3s.unice.fr/~hogie/software/java4unix/j4uni | sh -s lmu /opt

MAVEN users

You use to use our repository by adding the following lines in the <servers> element of your ~/.m2/settings.xml file.

	<name>Luc Hogie Maven repository</name>

and use the following dependency: