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PhD Student in Computer Sciences
Composition-based support for design of sensor data visualization dashboards

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Short introduction

Since fall 2013, I am a PhD student in the I3S laboratory (UMR CNRS-UNS 7271) at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Because of my cross-domain area of research, I'm a member in both RAINBOW and MODALIS teams.

I also have a teaching assistant responsability in the Computer Science department of Polytech'Nice Sophia Antipolis where I have received my master degree, as described below.

Feel free to contact me or to visit my public pages

Or send me an email to logre[at]i3s[dot]unice[dot]fr

I am also involve in the AtelierIHM were some of my student projects are exposed.


Research Overview

Dashboards are system commonly used to monitor activity and usage of various industrial fields. Working on models instead of code allows one to reason about the system, manipulate it easily through concrete syntaxes, verify properties thanks to state of the art tools and improve interoperability and reuse capabilities. Large and complex systems benefit from the higher abstraction level offered by meta models to be designed and model transformation for executable code generation. Systems such as dashboards exist at the intersection of several domains of expertise, each tooled to be address by a meta-model or a concrete syntax, which establishes the comparison with system of systems. My PhD thesis contribution aims to ease the composition of these domains at the architectural level while ensuring consistency property on the whole system.
My topics of interest include composition in meta-programming field, Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) design and implementation, System of Systems (SoS), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and variability management through Software Product Lines (SPLs).
My PhD thesis is founded by a doctoral school grant (selection rate ~20%) for three years as a member of the I3S laboratory (~300 persons), a public institution co-founded by the CNRS and the University of Nice.


My PhD founding contract included 192 teaching hours for three years, which I completed within the Polytech’Nice Sophia engineering school, a unit of the University of Nice. My teaching service is described in the following table. The courses I taught were either pure lab session or integrated lectures, in a wild range of class level and specializations. The indicated level is the number of year of higher education required to follow this course, with a Bachelor (BSc) and Master (MSc) programs indication. The repartition of my teaching responsibilities were adapted in order to ease the redaction during my third year of PhD thesis while several responsibilities were renewed for consecutive years.