About me

I am currently a PhD student at the I3S Laboratory of University Nice Sophia Antipolis. My research is about "Distributed Query Processing (DQP) over a wide-area network".
The first goal is to add and to optimize the parallel performance and reliability of Corese/KGRAM-DQP (a federated SPARQL query processing engine). We also aim to demonstrate the relevance of DQP techniques with realistic use cases and define a medical benchmark suitable to evaluate the work.
Because of the transverse nature of my subject, I am member of both MODALIS and WIMMICS projects in SPARKS team. I am co-supervised by Johan Montagnat and Olivier Corby.
I am also a teaching assistant at the Computer Science department of UNS for the First Year International Master in Computer Science students.

Research intesrests

  • Semantic Web

  • Distributed Query Processing

  • Federation

  • Parallelism


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2014-2015 Concurrency and Parallelism (Teaching-Assistant) First year, International master in computer science, UNS


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