My research focuses on the application of computational tools to toxicology.

Ph.D. funded by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur french region.


Web technologies bases

Credits to D. Lopez.

Aims to explain the basic functionning of the web, with details on both its languages (HTML/CSS) and protocols (HTTP).

Introduction to programming

Credits to G. Bernot.

Details the basic principles of programming using Python 3: variables, conditions, loops, functions and an brief introduction to objects.

Object-oriented programming

Credits to C. Escazut.

Uses the Java static-typing to introduce object-oriented notions such as classes, encapsulation, inheritance or polymorphism.

System administration bases

Credits to E. Gallesio.

Uses Python to teach the basic functionning of the Linux OS, regular expressions and the generation of xHTML documents.