Professional Experiences

Ass. Professor in Software Engineering (2012 - ..., Nice, France)

As an Associate Professor, I'm involved in several courses dealing with Software Engineering, taught at the Polytech'Nice-Sophia School of Engineering. My researches focus on software composition and separation of concerns, in the context of the MODALIS team.

Research Scientist (2011 - 2012, Oslo, Norway)

As a SINTEF research scientist, I was involved into several collaborative research projects with both academic and industrial partners, e.g., REMICS, ENVISION. In this context, I explored how domain-specific languages and model-driven engineering can tame the complexity of large software design. These research are applied to distributed systems, especially cloud-based ones.

Inria Postdoctoral Fellow (2010 - 2011, Lille, France)

As an Inria postdoctoral fellow, I worked on adaptive systems, and more specifically on the definition of “unadaptation” mechanism.

Research Assistant ~ PhD candidate (2007 - 2010, Nice, France)

As a junior researcher, I defined a meta-model and the associated tooling (named ADORE) to support the evolution of business processes, in the context of evolving Service-oriented Architecture.

Projects / Contracting Activities


PhD in Computer Science (2010)

Engineer degree (~MSc) in Computer Science (2007)