I know two awesome graphic artist (C.Line & Clèm), who often publish strips about my life on their own blogs or website. I'm a very luck guy =). Here is a best-of of such strips.

How to become a doctor

Actually, these two pictures were gift for my PhD defense. The right one is printed on a tee-shirt, and the left one was used as a gift card.

Strips to celebrate my PhD

Simple, isn'it?

Server administration

During my PhD, I administrated the server of my former research group. I've accidentally deleted a lot of important files on the server (due to a 'rm -rf *~', with a blank space between the * and the ~ :-?). Hopefully, the backup system was just perfect.

Should I play or should I go?

My engineer research dissertation for dummies

The puppet represents Mireille (my advisor). She sum up 6 month of work as the following: “On the one hand, there is orchestrations. On the other hand, there is aspects. And we mixed them up”.

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