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This page lists all the different pieces of software I've created. I only keep track of “real” implementation, and do not present simple prototypes. All these creations are available for download, and distributed under the terms of the LGPL licence.

Projects identified by a rainbow logo were started during my stay in the Rainbow team (until mid 2008)

Actively Developed

Island (2014 - ...)

Island is a programming game used to support research on variability modelling and teaching in software engineering.

ACE (2011 - ...)

ACE is an Abstract Composition Engine.

SensApp (2011 - ...)

SensApp is a RESTful platform to handle sensor networks.

Frozen development

Unfortunately, I need some time to rest, and I'm not able to actively developed and maintain all the software I've created. However, if you're interested in these pieces of software, do not hesitate to contact me!

gCoKe (2010 - ...)

gCoKe logo gCoKe is a “graph Composition Kernel”. The key idea is to support agile prototyping of software composition mechanisms. In this framework, we provide a graph-based meta-model dedicated to support the definition of composition algorithms. It capitalize mechanisms such as algorithms scheduling, model serialization or picture export to accelerate the definition of these algorithms. Using this framework, one can specialize the gCoKe meta-model to fit a specific domain (e.g., automata, HCI, behavior, structure), and then implement composition algorithms, immediately executable in the framework.

ADORE (2007 - 2010)

ADORE is a framework dedicated to support the definition of business processes using a separation of concerns approach. Designers model system' behavior as business processes (orchestrations), and features to be added in a system as incomplete processes (fragments). The complexity of feature integration is then delegated to dedicated composition algorithms. The framework defines interference detection mechanisms to automatically identify conflicts introduced during the composition process.

jSeduite (2007 - 2010)

This application deals with information broadcast inside academic institutions. It supports the broadcast of information (e.g., Restaurant menu, news, RSS feed) to public screen, which display allt he information to school users. Based on a Web Services Oriented Architecture, jSeduite is composed by atomic Web Services representing information sources and orchestrations expressing business processes. The j in jSeduite stands for Java, as it's the main language used for services implementations.

Polytech'Warehouse (2008-2009)

Polytech'Warehouse is a web-based platform dedicated to handle student work delivery. It supports the definition of students classes, and teacher staff with an authentication backend such as LDAP. Teachers can describe “work” to be done by students (e.g., lab session, dissertation), with the associated delivery constraints (e.g., deadline, number of students). The platform broadcast works to students, and provide useful dashboards to easily see classes workload. After a given deadline, a teacher can retrieve all the delivered artefacts, in a single click. the main author of Polytech'Warehouse is Karim Matrah, I only led the development as his supervisor.

Balloon (2005 - 2009)

Balloon is a web-based platform dedicated to the management of soccer clubs. It supports the storage of players administrative information, training sessions, performance tests, game results … These data are correlated in a relational database, and then provide useful analysis for managers. Public data are exported as XML, and can feed external systems (such as a public website to promote the club). This system is currently deployed in the OGC Nice - Côte d'Azur club.

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