Domain Specific Languages

Course Description (EP-5I-9119)

This course deals with Model-driven Engineering (MDE), from the point of view of Domain Specific Languages (DSL) definition. It focuses on the definition of a meta-model associated to a given domain, and its specific tooling to support domain experts. It emphasises the need for DSLs in modern systems.

Teaching Staff

Firstame Lastname Contact Office Role
Sébastien Mosser +33 4 92 96 50 58, (www), (email) Templiers Ouest, #444 Coordinator

Level 4 of the “Templiers Ouest” building implements a restrictive access control policy, with respect to CNRS regulations. Thus, if you want to visit your teacher, you must contact him by phone to unlock the entry door. Use your cellphone or the public intercom available at the door (replacing +33 4 92 96 by 2).


  • Students are expected to have strong skills in software development and object-oriented languages;
  • Students must understand fluently class models
  • Students must have (basic) notions of language compilation

Planning & Course Material

Week Topic Lecturer Delivery
51 Introduction, DSLs, kick-off lab SM
52 Christmas Break
1 Christmas Break
2 Implementing embedded DSLs, kick-off lab SM, TM
3 kick-off lab, project presentation SM ArduinoML
4 project (unsupervised)
5 Software composition, project SM
6 Software variability, project SM, PC
7 project SM, MBF, PC, BB Demo
8 project (unsupervised)
9 Final Exam SSL

Tooling & Resources


The students are individually evaluated according to the following assignments: (i) kickoff lab, (ii) ArduinoML project and (iii) final exam.


  • Domain-specific languages
    • Martin Fowler
  • DSL Engineering
    • Markus Voelter
  • Presentation of MPS by Fabien Campagne.
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