SOA: Micro-services & Integration (2017-2018)

Course Description

This course deals with Service-oriented Architectures (SOA), where systems are built as assemblies of elementary services. It focuses on the definition and implementation of software services and micro-services, and their exposition on an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to achieve interoperability between heterogeneous services through Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP, Martin Fowler).

Teaching Staff

Firstame Lastname Contact Office Role
Mireille Blay-Fornarino +33 4 92 96 51 61, (www), (email) Templiers Ouest, #459 Labs
Sébastien Mosser +33 4 92 96 50 58, (www), (email) Templiers Ouest, #444 Coordinator

Level 4 of the “Templiers Ouest” building implements a restrictive access control policy, with respect to CNRS regulations. Thus, if you want to visit your teacher, you must contact him by phone to unlock the entry door. Use your cellphone or the public intercom available at the door (replacing +33 4 92 96 by 2).


  • Students are expected to be fluent in Java.
  • Students must understand (even barely) the Web services technological stack (e.g., XML, SOAP, WSDL)

Planning & Course Material

Week Topic Lecturer Delivery
38 Intro, Service design, Service Lab SM
39 Service lab
40 Enterprise Integration Patterns, Service Lab SM Service Lab
41 Integration routes with Camel, Integration Lab SM
42 Integration Lab
43 Focus on Microservices, Integration Lab SM Integration lab (status)
44 Integration Lab (unsupervised)
45 Integration Lab Integration Lab (final)
46 Case study exam (4 hours)



The students are individually evaluated according to the following assignments: (i) the service design lab, (ii) the integration project and (iii) a final exam.

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