Derisi et al. Yeast

This dataset was constructed by integrating the Derisi et al. gene expression data for 5984 Yeast genes under 7 biological conditions and 111 annotations on these genes:

The resulting matrix contains 5984 lines (genes) and 118 columns (expression levels and annotations).

Data Files

File Description
Dataset description Short description of the dataset.
Derisi dataset Data matrix of 5984 lines (genes) and 118 columns (gene expression levels and annotations). Each line contains expression profiles (discretized expression measurements) over the 7 biological conditions and at most 111 gene annotations (15 GO terms, 16 KEGG pathways, 25 promoters, 20 interaction annotations, 15 phenotypes and 20 Pubmed IDs).


Co-expressed Gene Groups Analysis (CGGA): An automatic tool for the interpretation of microarray experiments, Ricardo Martinez, Nicolas Pasquier, Claude Pasquier, Martine Collard and Lucero Lopez-Perez, Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 3:2(1-12), 2006.

Experimental Results

The bi-clusters extracted from this dataset can be downloaded on the CGGA page.