Human–HIV-1 Protein Interactions

These datasets integrate data on Human proteins and HIV-1 proteins interactions. They are represented as data matrix in CSV format.

The first dataset contains only interaction data for 1433 human (rows) and 19 HIV-1 proteins (columns).

The second dataset integrates with human and HIV-1 protein interaction data the Gene Ontology biological annotations with TAS evidence code and Pubmed and Reactome related publication annotations for human proteins.

Data Files

File Description
Binary Interactions Interaction data for 1433 human and 19 HIV-1 proteins. Human proteins are represented as rows and HIV-1 proteins are represented as columns. Each cell containing a "1" represents a positive interaction between corresponding human and HIV-1 proteins while values "?" correspond to cases where no interaction was reported.
Integrated interactions and annotations
This dataset integrates with interaction data for the 1433 human and 19 HIV-1 proteins:
  • Gene Ontology biological annotations with TAS evidence code for the human proteins,
  • Pubmed and Reactome publications related to the Gene Ontology annotations.
These annotations from UniProtKB-GOA for the 1433 human proteins are represented as columns.
Interaction types Data depicting interactions between 19 HIV-1 proteins and 1433 human proteins with directed interaction types. Examples of directed interaction types:
  • 'TAT activated by IL2' means that the interaction relationship between 'TAT' HIV-1 protein and 'IL2' human protein is 'activated by'.
  • 'TAT activates AKT1' means that the 'TAT' HIV-1 protein 'activates' the 'ATKT1' human protein.


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