Research Reports

Atheer Al-Najdi, Nicolas Pasquier, Frédéric Precioso. MultiCons: Multiple Consensus Clustering Method Using Frequent Closed Pattern Mining, Research Report I3S/HAL-01245704, 19 pages, December, 2015.

Kartick Chandra Mondal, Nicolas Pasquier, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Celia da Costa Pereira, Ujjwal Maulik, Andrea Tettamanzi. Prediction of Protein Interactions on HIV-1-Human PPI Data Using a Novel Closure-based Integrated Approach, Research Report I3S/RR-2011-08-FR, 18 pages, September 2011

Laurent Brisson, Martine Collard, Nicolas Pasquier. Improving Knowledge Discovery Process using Ontologies, Research Report I3S/RR-2005-34-FR, October 2005

Laurent Brisson, Nicolas Pasquier, Martine Collard, Céline Hebert. HASAR: Mining Sequential Association Rules for Atherosclerosis Risk Factor Analysis, Research Report I3S/RR-2004-26-FR, October 2004 

Nicolas Pasquier, Yves Bastide, Rafik Taouil, Lotfi Lakhal. Mining Bases for Association Rules using Galois Closed Sets Extended Version, Research Report LIMOS/RR-2001-01-FR, 2001

Rafik Taouil, Nicolas Pasquier, Yves Bastide, Lotfi Lakhal. Computing Closed Set Lattices: Algorithms, Applications and Performances, Research Report LIMOS/RR-2001-02-FR, 2001