Fred's research


Professor at University Nice-Sophia antipolis

Research Lab: I3S Laboratory, Team SPARKS

Research interests: kernel-based SVM, Boosting, Ensemble Learning, Random Forest, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, (Inter-)Active learning, Long-term learning, Large Scale learning, Machine Learning Hybridization, Pattern Recognition

Research contexts: Multimedia Indexing/Classification, Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval, Text mining, Applications to Bio-Medical data, Application to environmental data, Application to sensor netowrks

Current PhD students:

  • Romaric Pighetti, Content-Based Information Retrieval combining evolutionary algorithms and SVM, 2012-2016, MESR
  • Stephanie Lopez, Interactive Content-based Retrieval based from Eye-tracking, 2013-2016, ANR Project VISIIR
  • Ameni Bouaziz, Short message mining (tweet trends and events), 2013-2016, Regional Grant with Semantic Grouping Company
  • Atheer Al-Nadji, Recommender system for Data Mining applied to sensor networks, 2013-2016, Irak gouvernment research grant
  • Lucas Malleus, Algoritms for data search and retrieval based on 2D and 3D content, 2014-2017, contract with Autodesk
  • Ayattalah Aly Halim, Human Action Recognition from 3D, 2014-2017, UFE research grant
  • Katy Blanc, Analysis, Description and Recognition of Video content, 2014-2017, MENRT
  • Melanie Ducoffe, Deep Learning for heterogeneous data, 2015-2018, ENS Grant
  • John Anderson Garcia Henao, Towards a Green Artificial Intelligence applied to health care and well-being, 2016-2019, Labex Grant

Current Post-doct:

  • Geoffrey Portelli, Bio-Deep: A biology perspective for Deep Learning optimization and understanding, 2016.

Current Responsabilities:

  • Member of Laboratory I3S Council
  • Member of EDSTIC Doctoral School Council
  • Member of Scientific Council of IDEX UCA Jedi for Academy 5
  • Member of Scientific Council of the Interdisciplinary Axis: Theoretical and Computational Modelisation in Neuro and Cognitive Sciences
  • Member of Pedagogical Committee for Polytech Computer Science Department

Projects: ANR VISIIR, H2020 DigiArt, ANR Deep in France (starting in March 2017).

Associate Professor at ENSEA

From Septembre 2005 to September 2011, with Ecole Supérieure Nationale de l'Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA)

Research interests: Video segmentation and Tracking, Active Contours and Level-Sets, Video Indexing, Content-Based Image and Multimedia Retrieval, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision.

Former PhD students:

Projects : NoE MUSCLE, Projet Digiteo-Ile de France K-VideoScan, Projet ANR iTOWNS, Projet ANR EROS 3D.

Post-Doctorate :

Semantic methods for object extraction and retrieval
with ITI, Institute of Telematics and Informatics at CERTH, Thessaloniki, in the Multimedia Knowledge Group of Professors Strintzis et Kompatsiaris

PhD thesis :

Parametric active contours for image and video segmentation
under the supervision of Pr Michel Barlaud in the CReATIVe group from October 1st, 2000, defended on September 24th, 2004 (manuscript PDF file, slides PDF file)