Software Product Lines and variability engineering

  • Large scale management of variability-aware software systems: SQJ journal 2012, SLE'2014, ICSR'2016, GPCE'2016
  • Composition of feature models: SLE'2009, ASE'2011, CAiSE'2012, AOSD'2012, MODELS'2013, SCP journal 2013
  • Relationships to software architectures: ECSA'2011, SoSyM journal 2013
  • Reverse engineering of variability models: VaMoS'2012, ECSA'2011, SoSyM journal 2013, SPLC'2017, ICSR'2017, 
  • Domain-driven multiple software product lines, complex configuration management: SPLC'2014

Model-Driven Engineering

  • Separation of concerns and composition: MODELS'2014, SAC'2018
  • Lightweight DSL engineering: TCC/STAF'2014, MODELS'2014, OnWard'2014
  • Variability in requirement engineering and goal modeling: CAiSE'2015

Application of variability engineering to other disciplines

  • Data-flow oriented systems (2-levels of variability): SAC'2018
  • Information systems and Web infrastructures: ISI journal 2013, SEAA'2014
  • Graphical user interfaces and dashboards: ECMFA'2014
  • Cyber-physical systems and sensing infrastructures: ICSR'2015, SAC'2016, APSEC'2016

Self-adaptive systems

  • Software architecture of the feedback control loops, large-scale management: SEKE'2011, SAC'2014, ICAC'2014

Ongoing or Recent Research Projects

  • 2017-2018 : UCA-RISE funded Smart IoT for Mobility : Trans-disciplinary approach for end-to-end smart contracting in the Internet of Things: Work on monitoring on diverse infrastructures with variability management techniques.
  • 2016-2019 : CIFRE collaboration contract with Visteon Company (principal investigator) : Managing Variability in Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems
  • ANR SALTY project (principal investigator) : SALTY (Self-Adaptive very Large disTributed sYstems) is an ANR-funded research project (Agence Nationale de la Recherche - ANR-09-SEGI-012). It aims at providing an innovative self-managing software framework at run-time for Very-Large Scale Distributed Systems.
  • ANR Yourcast project: Software Product Line of Digital Signage Systems (with Pr. Mireille Blay-Fornarino).
  • PING emerging action on teaching software engineering.

Current PhD Students

  • Mehdi Ahizoune (co-supervised with Ass. Prof. Yves Roudier): Software Factories for Security-by-Design
  • Sami Lazreg (co-supervised with Ass. Prof. Sébastien Mosser): Managing Variability in Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems

Recent Collaborations

  • Daniel Amyot, University of Ottawa (Canada): software product line techniques for goal models
  • Alexandre Bergel, University of Chile (Chile): Vizualization of software architectures and feature models (ECOSUD collaboration)
  • Laurence Duchien, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier, Spirals team, Univ. Lille/INRIA: Software product lines, self-adaptive systems
  • Robert France, Colorado State University (USA) : Tribute to Robert France
  • Jörg Kienzle, Gunter Mussbacher, McGill University, Montreal (Canada)  : Model-Driven Engineering, Variability management and software concern composition

PhD Alumni

  • Xhevahire Ternava (PhD in dec. 2017): Handling Variability at the Code Level: Modeling, Tracing and Checking Consistency
  • Cyril Cecchinel (PhD in nov. 2017, co-supervised with Ass. Prof. Sébastien Mosser): DEPOSIT : Une approche pour exprimer et déployer des politiques de collecte de données sur des infrastructures de capteurs hétérogènes et partagées
  • Filip Krikava (PhD in nov. 2013, co-supervised with Johan Montagnat ): Domain-Specific Modeling Language for Self-adaptive Software Systems Architecture
  • Mathieu Acher (PhD in sept. 2011, co-supervised with Pr. Philippe Lahire): Managing Multiple Feature Models: Foundations, Language and Applications.
  • Bao LeDuc (PhD in dec. 2010, UPMC/LIP6, Paris and France Télécom R&D, co-supervised with Pr. Jacques Malenfant): A QoI-aware Framework for Adaptive Monitoring.
  • Hervé Chang (PhD in dec. 2007): contract negotiation on extrafunctional properties for hierarchical software components.
  • Alain Ozanne (PhD in nov. 2007, UPMC/LIP6, Paris and France Télécom R&D, co-supervised with Pr. Jacques Malenfant): a general contract model, supporting different specification formalisms and software artefacts.

Past Research Projects

  • The ConFract system (principal investigator): a contracting system for the hierarchical software components platform Fractal (France Télécom R&D Grant: 2002-2004).
  • Negotiable contracts in ConFract (principal investigator): application to software components and service-oriented architectures (France Télécom R&D Grant: 2005-2008)
  • RNTL FAROS, a 3-years project (2006-2008) of the french national network on software technologies: Contracts composition for the reliability of service-based architectures, ANR (french National Research Agency) financing: 2006-2008


  • Cyril Cecchinel (Research Master, 2014): A Generative Approach to Support the User-Driven Exploitation of Sensing Infrastructures.
  • Anthony Palmieri (Research Master, 2014): Handling Regulatory Goal Model Families as Software Product Lines.
  • Mathieu Acher (Research Master, 2008): A metamodel for a product line of contracted services on the grid.
  • Benoît Vallette d'Osia (Research Master, 2005): Exception Handling for autonomous hierarchical components.
  • Bastien Manuel (Research Master, 2005): Model-based specification for hierarchical components.
  • Hervé Chang (Research Master, 2004): Negotiation mechanisms for contracted software components.
  • Annabelle Mercier (Research Master, 2002): Study of a general contracting model for software components.
  • Greta Vignola (Research Master, 2000): Evolution control of persistent Java objects using assertions.