ANR project: VIsual Seek of Interactive Image Retrieval

  • 2010-2013: Engineer Degree in Applied Mathematics (2013) obtained with highest horor (rank 1 in final year)

Speciality: Signals for Health, image processing and multimedia

  • 2007-2010: Preparatory classes to French "Grandes Ecoles"


  • 2007: High School Diploma in Sciences with highest honors

Professional Experience

  • From March to September 2013: evaluation of Content Based Image Retrieval, dedicated to iMap Platform
  • From June to August 2012: Evaluation of efficiency of lead aprons thanks to two Monte-Carlo codes
  • June to August 2011: Signal procesing and participation to optical bench setting

Computer Science projects

  • from september 2012 to march 2013 :

KINECTITION : recognition of human activites (
Detecting and tracking body movements with Kinect to recognize human activities in order to allow disabled persons to stay home and get a highest autonomy.
Learning algorithms: Random Forest, SVM

Video game (Flash, ActionScript3):
The purpose was to develop a video game taking into account a disability.

  • June 2012:vector densification

Modelisation of ocean current thanks to data provided by 8 sensors.

  • March 2012: Image Segmentation by Stained Glass Effect

Divide an image into homogeoneous parts and delimit them to give a stained glass effect.
Two methods: Voronoï diagrams and region growing algorithm

  • December 2011: Low Cost Eye Tracker

Use of a webcam to detect part of the face, particularly pupillas in order to track their movements. Detection of circular forms with Hough Transform, and corner with Harris descriptors.

  • 2010: Synthetical melody
  • 2010: dictionary


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese and Italian

Computer Science skills:

  • C++, java
  • R, matlab
  • OpenCV
  • Office software (Excell...)