European projects


Partners: LG Sound (Netherlands), ACSA (France), I3S, Septentrio (Belgium), VITO (Belgium), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE (Cyprus), ScottishWater (United Kingdom)

Goal: Design of a fleet of unmanned surface vehicles with ultrasonic, environmentally-friendly system to map and control blue-green algae blooms. The DESIGN team of I3S contributes the mapping and mission planning components of the system.

The I3S team coordinated by our colleague T. Hamel is involved in the design of the vehicle's control modules.

National projects


Partners: BF Systèmes, I3S, Institut Langevin
Goal: System for bubble detection for the prevention of decompression sickness accidents on deep-sea diving.
I3S conducts research on two major issues:
  1. Estimation of the distribution of diver's biophysical parameters using non-parametric methods. This work lead to the definition of a new density estimation criterion for problems where observations are region-censored.
  2. Identification of population risk models based on mixtures of non-homogeneous Poisson models and an advanced biophysical model.

Contract with IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations), 2017-2018

Goal: Detection of abnormal behavior of athletic performance, publications in le journal du CNRS and CNRS News

DESIRE (ANR International, 2012-2015)

Partners: John Kepler University, Linz Austria; I3S
Goal: Designs for Spatial Random Fields
INDEX (ANR International, 2019-2022)
Partners: John Kepler University, Linz Austria; EdF R&D Chatou, I3S
Goal: Incremental Design for Computer Experiments