WComp / AmbientComp

WComp / AmbientComp
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WComp is a middleware for Ambient Intelligence that allows to design ubiquitous computing applications and schema of self-adaptation to maintain the main functionalities of the application (service continuity) in spite of the evolution of the devices infrastructure. WComp middleware model federates three main paradigms: event based web services, a lightweight component-based approach to design dynamic composite services and an adaptation approach using adaptation schema that allows composition at runtime. Presently WComp is used in many internal projects (Continuum, U-Insither), by the following external research teams: IIHM (LIG, Grenoble), SMAC (IRIT, Toulouse), DEVS (SPE,Corte), Esprit (Tunisie), and there is a study to transfer the industrial release of Wcomp (AmbientComp) to partners: EDF, GFI and/or Berger Levrault.