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Dr. Minh Duc HUA
Chargé de Recherche (CR1) CNRS
Member of SIS team
Project: OSCAR

Adresse: Laboratoire I3S
               2000 route des Lucioles
               Les Algorithmes - Euclide B, BP121
               06903 Sophia Antipolis, France

Email: hua(at)i3s.unice.fr
Google Scholar: here
Researchgate: here

  • 13/07/2017: 2 conf. papers accepted for CDC-2017 and 1 conf. paper accepted for ICSTCC-2017.
  • 30/04/2017: Conference paper "Inertial-aided Homography-based Visual Servo Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles without Linear Velocity Measurements" (L.-H. Nguyen, M.-D. Hua, G. Allibert, T. Hamel) submitted to ICSTCC-2017.
  • 07/04/2017: Journal paper "An inertial-aided homography-based visual servo control approach for (almost) fully-actuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicles" (S. Krupinski, G. Allibert, M.-D. Hua, T. Hamel) accepted for IEEE-TRO.
  • 06/04/2017 New demo (real-time gyro-aided homography estimation)  Demo1, Demo2 (credit to Ninad Manerikar)
  • 20/03/2017: Conference paper Riccati observers for velocity-aided attitude estimation of accelerated vehicles using coupled velocity measurements (M.-D. Hua, T. Hamel, C. Samson) submitted to CDC-2017 and now available at arXiv.org
  • 20/03/2017: Conference paper "Explicit Complementary Observer Design on Special Linear Group SL(3) for Homography Estimation using Conic Correspondences" (M.-D. Hua, T. Hamel, R. Mahony, G. Allibert) submitted to CDC-2017. Check the demo video at http://goo.gl/8wFGb5 (credit to G. Allibert)
  • 15/01/2017: Conference paper "Point and line feature-based observer design on SL(3) for Homography estimation and its application to image stabilization" accepted for ICRA (29 May-03 June 2017, Singapore). Check the demo video at https://youtu.be/hlTkzjyENhg