Master 1 Informatique


This page contains the academic calendar and schedule of the Computer Science program.

Academic calendar

The academic calendar (in French) describes the weeks of lectures/holidays and exams for both full time and apprentices students. Generally:

  • for full time-students : lectures take place from Monday to Friday;
  • for apprentices : lectures take place from Monday to Wednesday and Thursdays and Fridays are devoted to the company.

Exceptionally, some lectures can take place with a different schedule than the one described above.

Agenda and timetable

In the calendar below you can find events and the schedule of your lectures: It could be necessary to refresh the page or clean the cache to see the last version (Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Maj + R for Firefox)


  • Lectures take place in room TD 06 or TD 282:
    • in the morning from 9h15 to 12h30 and
    • in the afternoon from 14h00 à 17h15.

The schedule for the first semester is now available.