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The OSCAR team (Observers and Sensory Control of Autonomous Robots) focuses on the development of the fundamental science and technology underlying the operation of dynamical aerial, surface and underwater mobile robots. Many of these targeted vehicles have complex and poorly known dynamic models. Successful control and estimation algorithms must deal with the inherently nonlinear and poorly known dynamic models of the vehicles. They should deliver global or at least semi-global stability and robustness with respect to dynamically changing environment conditions. They must be designed with the underlying non-Euclidean nature of the state representation of a flying vehicle, typically the special Euclidean group SE(3) for pose control or the special orthogonal group SO(3) for attitude control. They should be tailored to work naturally with sensor systems that can be effectively mounted on the vehicle and deal with the high noise levels of such sensors. Robust nonlinear control and estimation algorithms offer the potential to significantly improve the overall performance of autonomous systems. We have made significant contributions in the fields of visual servo control, observer theory and nonlinear control applied to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Motorboats and Underwater vehicles. We have been particularly successful in applying our theoretical results to a wide range of practically motivated problems.

Contact :
  Laboratoire I3S
  2000 route des Lucioles
  Les Algorithmes - Euclide B
  06 903 Sophia Antipolis