DJEBRI Ahmed El Amine

PhD Student in Semantic Web

Welcome to my personal web page, I'm currently a PhD Student in WIMMICS/Inria and SPARKS/I3S teams. I work basically on uncertainty formalization in the Semantic Web. In particular, uncertainty representation and reasoning over uncertain linked data are my main research interests.

Keywords: Uncertain linked data, Semantic Web, Uncertainty Representation.


Semantic Web & Uncertainty

Semantic Web Technologies, Uncertainty in Semantic Web, Uncertainty Representation.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Dynamic Coverage & Routing.

Web Technologies

Web developpement, Web Design.

Project Management

Time, Tasks, Resources.

Teaching (Practical Work)

Algorithmics and Data Structure

A general overview on Algorithmics, programming languages, data structures, recursion, sorting algorithms, etc.

Networking Basics

A bit of bits, Switches, routers, and Communication Protocols.

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, JS and a view over current web technologies.

Project Management

Task enumeration, precedence relationship, Gantt Charts & Pert Diagrams, Kanban, MS Project, etc.


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Phone Number
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