PhD Subject : Intelligent Information Retrieval

The goal of the thesis is to propose a new information retrieval system that is "aware" about the user own knowledge/beliefs, goals, and preferences. During my work, I am trying to integrate Intelligent Agents, modeled in BDI - Belief, Desire, Intention - architecture, with Informarion Retrieval tools and filters. I also use some Artificial Intelligence techniques such as NLP, Knowledge Extraction and Text Mining that help intelligently propose "relevant" results to both, the user's query and his/his goals.


Graded Belief Revision for Jason: A Rule-Based Approach  
Dima El Zein , Célia da Costa Pereira
The IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT'20)

A Cognitive Agent Framework in Information Retrieval: Using User Beliefs to Customize Results
Dima El Zein , Célia da Costa Pereira
The 23rd International Conference Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA 2020)

Feature Selection for Android Keystroke Dynamics
Dima El Zein, Ali Kalakech
International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT)

Other Activities

At the Institut Universitaire de Technologie, IUT Nice Côte d'Azur