Testing your skills in Python

No matter which course you choose fall or winter school session, a minimum knowledge of Python is required. If you know how to program, learning the basics of Python to follow the winter school is fairly easy. For that:

If you wish to follow the winter school, the rest does not concern you.

If you wish to follow the fall semester course rather for computer science students, try to do the exercises proposed in this notebook.

The objective of completing this notebook is to test your skills in installing and using some libraries in Python, with focus on some libraries used in data science projects such as: pandas, seaborn, math and numpy. Since you may not know all commands in details, feel free to look for the corresponding online documentation of these libraries.

If you take more than 2 hours to complete the notebook correctly, you should take Python lessons before taking the course "Introduction to Machine Learning" or opt for the winter school edition of this course.