RDF Mining

This page provides material related to the RDF Mining project.

Experimental Results

Here are the evaluation results of the EKAW 2014 paper "Testing OWL Axioms Against RDF Facts: A Possibilistic Approach". For either experiment, a list of the axioms tested is given, containing some statistics of the evaluation (reference cardinality, number of confirmations and exceptions, the computed possibility and necessity degrees, and the elapsed time in milliseconds. Confirmations and exceptions to an axiom are given explicitly only if they are fewer than 100.

  1. results of the explorative test of systematically generated subsumption axioms, together with some axioms statistics (this file may be easily read into an R data frame or imported into any spreadsheet);
  2. results of an an exhaustive test of all subsumption axioms in the DBpedia ontology.

Last Updated on September 18, 2014