photoAMuzy.jpg CNRS research fellow at Université de la Côte d'Azur
Co-director of the Modeling in Neuroscience and Cognition Institute (NeuroMod)
In charge of Modeling, Simulation & Neurocognition (MS&N) research group at I3S laboratory
and Computabrain project
Teaching and in charge of Mod4NeuCog
Email: alexandre.muzy[.AT.]  

Alexandre Muzy is CNRS research fellow at Université Côte d’Azur (I3S computer science laboratory). He is co-director of the NeuroMod institute and in  charge of the Modeling, Simulation & Neurocognition (MS&N) research group. He is a specialist of computational modeling and simulation based on system theory, more specifically discrete event systems currently applied to neurocognitive systems, with more than 70 international research publications. He created the computational activity paradigm for structuring models and developed with Bernard P. Zeigler the computational iterative system paradigm. The latter paradigm has been used as a new foundation of the Theory of modeling and simulation – (3d edition). Based on the mapping from in vivo neurocognitive activities to temporal computations, he works on the specification of the computational neurocognitive system (cf. Computabrain project) at learning, modeling and simulation levels.

Current research topics

  • Computational modeling and simulation of the neurocognitive system to reproduce its learning  dynamics based on the new activity principle (cf. Computabrain project and MS&N research group)
  • Abstract modeling, formal analysis and automatic synthesis of general, reactive and discrete-event systems
  • In silico versus in vivo experiments of the brain
  • Efficient discrete event simulation with  neuromorphic applications
  • Former applications...

Some recent papers on the computational modeling, simulation and learning of the neurocognitive system


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