photoAMuzy.jpg Research fellow at CNRS
Teaching also at Mod4NeuCog

In charge of Modeling, Simulation & Neurocognition (MS&N) research group
and Computabrain project
I3S laboratory, Sophia Antipolis, France
Institute Modeling in Neuroscience and Cognition  (NeuroMod)
Université de la Côte d'Azur

Email: alexandre.muzy[.AT.]  

Current research interests

  • New biomimetic algorithms for reproducing the learning  dynamics of neurocoginitive systems based on the new computational activity principle (cf. Computabrain project and MS&N research group)
  • Abstract modeling, formal analysis and automatic synthesis of general, reactive and discrete-event systems
  • In silico efficient neuromorphic experiments
  • Former applications...

Some recent papers on spiking neurons and activity-based learning


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