Luc Hogie

I3S, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
+33 4 89 73 24 25

CV and publications

I am a PhD in Computer Science (thesis here), CNRS Research Engineer working within the COMRED research unit. COMRED is a joint unit of I3S (the laboratory of Computer Science of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis) and Inria. It gathers the Kairos, Coati, and Scale teams.

I am interested in software modeling, algorithms and the "software for science" issue. These are the software projects I am carrying on.

  • BigGrph - a distributed graph library;
  • Grph - an efficient, portable, easy to use graph toolkit;
  • Octojus - a Java middleware for distributing applications over clusters of computers;
  • Papareto - a Java framework for parallel self-adaptive evolutionary computing;
  • Jalinopt - a Java toolkit for linear optimization;
  • Jacaboo - distributed application deployer;
  • LDJO - a Java implementation of live distributed objects;
  • Jaseto - a Java toolkit for the XML (de)serialization of Java objects;
  • DRMSim - a discrete-event network simulator
  • Java4unix - integration of Java intro the UNIX environment;
  • Toools - a multi-purpose Java toolbox;
  • LMU, a sexy UML class diagrams charter;
  • mpi4lectures, a multi-threaded implementation of MPI targeted to lecturing;
  • Oscilloscup, an efficient 2D plotter;
  • RSCJ, Remote Scientific Processing from Java;
Past projects include:
  • Madhoc, a MANETs simulator (project terminated).

My administrative tasks include the participation to the following committees:

  • Conseil de Laboratoire at I3S;
  • Commission informatique at I3S;
  • Commission des Dˇveloppements Technologiques (CDT) at Inria.

My spare-time activities include playing the keyboards and bass, musical composition and production.