3IA PhD/Postdoc Seminar séries : Deceptive AI and Society

vendredi 5 avril 2024

Stefan Sarkadi  présentera « Deceptive AI and Society »  le vendredi 5 avril 2024 à 11h à Inria dans le bâtiment "Euler Violet" dans le cadre du 3IA PhD/Postdoctoral Seminar Series.

Stefan Sarkadi est membre associé du pôle SPARKS dans l'équipe Wimmics et réalise actuellement un séjour de 3 mois.


‘Deceptive AI’ is an expression that captures the imagination of both users of AI technologies, and AI experts or researchers alike. But what does ‘Deceptive AI’ mean? Figuring out the meaning of this term is important to understand not just the recent hype around language models and their implementation in chatbot technologies, but also the historical gravitas behind building machines capable of deception, as well as how to take things forward from here. ‘Deceptive AI’ can refer to a multitude of different things, yet its entire range of meanings is intertwined with the human condition, i.e. how humans represent their own selves in the world, and the idea of hybrid societies, which are societies where humans and machines play the role of agents in a society. In this presentation, I will take the audience through the various aspects that are relevant to deceptive AI research and try to explain the relations between the theories and technologies behind deceptive AI technologies, human-like intelligence, society, and the ethical principles and potential regulatory mechanisms that apply to deceptive AI technologies.