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Rémi Cérès, Olivier Corby, Erwan Demairy, Fabien Gandon

Corese is a software platform that implements and extends the standards of the Semantic Web established by the W3C, such as RDF, RDFS, SPARQL1.1 Query & Update, OWL RL, SHACL, and others. This…

Louis Ohl, Pierre-Alexandre Mattei, Frédéric Precioso

The GemClus package provides simple tools to perform discriminative clustering using the generalised mutual information (GEMINI). The package was written to be a scikit-learn compatible extension…
Packet Routing Simulator for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (PRISMA) (Version v0.1)

Redha A. Alliche, Tiago da Silva Barros, Ramon Aparicio-Pardo, Lucile Sassatelli

PRISMA (Packet Routing Simulator for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning) is a network simulation playground for developing and testing Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL) solutions for dynamic…
A C++ implementation of a O(n log n) algorithm computing a maximal stable set of an interval graph

Sid Touati

This software implements the algorithm published in U.I. Gupta, D.T. Lee, J.-T Leung. An optimal solution for the channel-assignment problem; IEEE Transactions on Computers C-28(1979), 807-810…
Dilworth Decomposition in C++ using the LEDA Graph library

Sid Touati

In memory of Vincent Bouchitté, former professor at Ecole Normale Supérieur de Lyon : Dilworth Decomposition (Maximal Antichain in Orders, resp. Minimal Chain Decomposition).
DDG : A C++ High Level Data Dependence Graph Library

Sid Touati

This is a generic C++ library that handles data dependence graphs (DDG) for optimising compilation. It is built on top of the LEDA graph library (from algorithmic-solutions company). Our graph…
A C-library for Register Saturation Computation

Sébastien Briais, Sid Touati

This sofware provides a C implementation of the following article: Sid Touati. Register Saturation in Instruction Level Parallelism. International Journal of Parallel Programming, Springer-Verlag…
An Independent C-library for Register Pressure Reduction in Data Dependence Graphs.

Sébastien Briais, Sid Touati

This a C implementation of the following articles: - Sid Touati and Christine Eisenbeis. Early Periodic Register Allocation on ILP Processors. Parallel Processing Letters, Vol. 14, No. 2, June 2004…
FADAlib: an open source C++ library for fuzzy array dataflow analysis

Marouane Belaoucha, Christophe Alias, Denis Barthou, Sid Touati

Ubiquitous multicore architectures require that many levels of parallelism have to be found in codes. Dependence analysis is the main approach in compilers for the detection of parallelism. It…
k shortest simple paths

Ali Al Zoobi, David Coudert, Nicolas Nisse

Implementation in C++ of state-of-the-art algorithms for computing the k shortest simple paths from a source to a destination in a weighted directed graph.

David Coudert, André Nusser, Laurent Viennot

Implementation in C++ of algorithms for computing the hyperbolicity of graphs.
SPARQL Micro-Services

Franck Michel

The SPARQL Micro-Service architecture is meant to allow the combination of Linked Data with data from Web APIs. It enables querying non-RDF Web APIs with SPARQL, and allows on-the-fly assigning…
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