It's on the SophiaTech campus in the heart of the Sophia Antipolis technology park our laboratory conducts research in the field of information science and communication.
"Advancing knowledge, consider the economic and technological realities, while imagining tomorrow's solutions."

The I3S laboratory is one of the largest information and communication science laboratories in the French Riviera. it was one of first ones to settle down on Sophia Antipolis Science and Technology Park. It consists of a little less than 300 people. [+...]

In partnership with CNRS and INRIA, and numerous industrial collaborations, we work on the themes of innovative research at the cutting edge of science and technology: systems and networks ubiquitous, biology and digital health, modeling for environment interactions and practices. [+...]





The laboratory is organized in 4 teams:

COMRED team (French acronym for Communications, Networks, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems)
MDSC team (French acronym for Discrete Models for Complex System)
SIS team (Signal, Image and Systems)
SPARKS team (Scalable and Pervasive softwARe and Knowledge Systems)

The 5 latest submissions recorded in HAL

Vanna Lisa Coli, Didier Binder, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Juliette Leblond, Serge X. Cohen, Louise Gomart, Claire Migliaccio.
Tomographic imaging: two examples of medical and archaeological applications.
1st French-Italian workshop on the Mathematics of Imaging, Vision and their Applications (MIA-MIVA), Sep 2022, Sophia Antipolis, France
Vanna Lisa Coli, Kassem Dia, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Juliette Leblond, Louise Gomart, Didier Binder.
Exploring Tomographic Images of Archaeological Pottery Sherds with Machine Learning Methods.
SIAM Conference on Imaging Science - IS22, Mar 2022, Virtual conference, France
Ilias Rentzeperis, Luca Calatroni, Laurent Perrinet, Dario Prandi.
Beyond $\ell_1$ sparse coding in V1.
Ezio Malis.
Complete closed-form and accurate solution to pose estimation from 3D correspondences.
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, In press
Julien Bensmail, Hervé Hocquard, Pierre-Marie Marcille.
On inducing degenerate sums through 2-labellings.
Université côte d'azur; Université de bordeaux. 2023