Research Areas

Signals, Images and Systems

This research division conducts research in the fields of signal and image processing, multimedia data compression, communication networks, robotics and autonomous systems, and optimal experimental design.

SIS is composed of 37 permanent members, and approximately as many non-permanent members at a given time, including PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, interns and visitors.

This division is composed of members from the UniCA, the CNRS and/or the INRIA.

Our Publications are available from HAL and our internal talks from the SIS seminars series.

SIS managing team (2022-) : J. LEBRUN (in charge), R. APARICIO-PARDO (deputy) and X. DESCOMBES (subsitute)
Previous managing team (2016-2021) : V. ZARZOSO (resp.), G. ALLIBERT (dep.) and L. CALATRONI (sub.)

Main Research Activities

Seminars hosted by SIS SIS publications in HAL

News from SIS

Soutenance de thèse de Imane Lboukili
Analyse et caractérisation de la structure tissulaire de l'épiderme à partir d'imagerie confocale.
Soutenance de thèse de Houssem Boulahbal
On depth prediction for autonomous driving using self-supervised learning.
Luca Calatroni est lauréat d'une ERC Starting Grant 2023
Toutes nos félicitations à Luca Calatroni, lauréat d'une ERC Starting Grant pour son projet MALIN.
Marc Antonini lauréat du prix de l'innovation du CNRS
Cette médaille met en lumière le transfert d’innovations marquantes de la recherche publique vers le marché.